We are resuming all construction projects as of May 18

Dear Clients,

The Reopening Massachusetts Report issued by the Baker-Polito administration on May 18 states that all levels and types of construction projects can proceed as of this date. As a result, Laplante Construction will continue all of its in-process projects and start up those projects that were temporarily put on hold. Additionally, we are now permitted to begin new construction projects of all types, both residential and commercial. 

The Laplante Construction office on North Main Street in East Longmeadow will reopen to all employees and to the public on May 26. 

All of our team members have been educated on the CDC’s guidelines for proper hygiene and have been instructed to stay home if they, or family members, experience any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. We would ask that you let your project manager know if you or your family members are feeling ill, as well. We must do our part to reduce the spread of this virus.

Our safe hygiene procedures include: 

  • At the start of each shift or work day, we confirm with all employees that they are healthy
  • Following CDC policy for employees who show symptoms to stay home or seek medical care until they are free of fever, or any other symptom, for at least 24 hours without the use of symptom-altering medication
  • We now have a 100% glove policy for all construction workers: they will be required to wear cut-resistant gloves or the equivalent 
  • Use of eye protection (safety goggles/ face shields) on the job site is recommended
  • In work conditions on a job site where required social distancing is impossible to achieve, affected employees shall be supplied PPE including as appropriate a standard face mask, gloves, and eye protection 
  • All employees should drive to work site / parking area in a single occupant vehicle. Contractors should not ride together in the same vehicle
  • Multi person activities will be limited where feasible (two person lifting activities) 
  • Cleaning of all high contact surfaces a minimum of twice a day in order to minimize the spread of germs in areas that people touch frequently. This includes but is not limited to desks, laptops, counters and vehicles 
  • All employees must wash their hands routinely with soap and water for 20 seconds, and ALWAYS immediately after they enter a client’s home
  • Using hand sanitizer routinely in situations where hand washing is not available
  • No direct personal contact
  • Social distancing of 6 ft apart from clients and each other on the job site and in the office

We will continue to monitor the situation from trusted sources on a regular basis and keep you updated should any of our policies or procedures change.

The health and well-being of our clients, their families, and our employees continues to be our top priority at Laplante Construction during this time.

Bill Laplante, President